There are a variety of ways At The Lane can help you and
work with you! Whether you need vendor recommendations, want someone to talk through event ideas/logistics with, or want At The Lane to organize your entire event and all you have to do is show up, we are here for you!

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And because it can feel weird reaching out to
someone you don’t know… I’m Katie :) Hi friend!!

I created At The Lane as a way to bring people together and to help bring people’s dreams to life.

I absolutely LOVE hearing people’s ideas and getting to know the heart behind what they do (or want to do). I love hearing about the dream baby shower they would love to throw if they only had the time. I love hearing about why the stigma of mental health has affected them and why they want to bring people together to talk about it. I love hearing about a menu design they saw on Pinterest and now want to create an entire dinner party around.
I love hearing how people are craving community but don’t know where to start.

I’m part event-planner and part idea-encourager.
I’m professional but also a real big fan of fun.
I’m here for authenticity and I’m here for you.


This is how excited I am to get to know you :)
We’ll chat soon!