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There are a variety of ways we at At The Lane can help you!
Whether you want to host your own gathering but don’t know where to start, you’d like At The Lane to plan your entire event, or just need someone to talk through event ideas/logistics with,
we are here for you!

If you are interested in partnering or sponsoring an At The Lane event, please reach out HERE.

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Because it can feel weird chatting with someone you don’t know… Hi new friend!! I’m Katie :)

I created At The Lane to build authentic connection through curated gatherings and to help people bring their own intimate events to life.

I absolutely LOVE hearing people’s ideas and getting to know the heart behind what they do (or want to do). I love chatting about the dream baby shower they would love to throw if they only had the time, how the stigma of mental health has affected them and why they want to bring people together to talk about it, or a cool menu design they saw on Pinterest and now want to create an entire dinner party around.

I’ve learned that people no matter their age, race, gender or part of the world they’re in, are craving community. Everyone wants to spend time in intentional conversation and comfortable environments, but most don’t know where to start.

Well I do.

I’m part event-planner and part idea-encourager.
I’m professional but also a real big fan of fun.
I’m here for authenticity and I’m here for you.


This is how excited I am to get to know you :)
We’ll chat soon!