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a hostess and an encourager walked into an empty space ...

My grandfather once told me, "You should do what you love — what gets you out of bed in the morning. And it must help other people in some way". And after waking from a pretty vivid dream on a random December night, I knew exactly what that job looked like for me.

A space where I could foster community by creating events that brought people back to a simpler way of life, when spending time together was intentional, not for more likes on Instagram. A space I could stretch my hostess skills and eye for design with dinner parties, creative gatherings, workshops, holiday celebrations and intimate hangs.

But it was also a space that could help people reach their dreams. A place to encourage the amateur jewelry maker to host a pop-up shop. A place the aspiring actor could make a few extra bucks teaching a Photoshop class. Where the would-be hostess could throw parties and dinners without the fire marshal shutting down her apartment. A place where we could sit together and I would say, "what's your dream and how can this space help you get there?"

So in the middle of that night in December, I wrote down all the ideas I had just dreamed. From film festivals and cooking classes to DIY days and charity dinners, I filled the pages of a little red notebook that still sits by my bed. 

Months passed and I continued hosting parties at my home, slowly sharing this dream with treasured confidants. The more I told people about this dream the more I heard how a space like this could meet needs. People were craving a space they felt known and encouraged, where their dreams were heard and gatherings were based in authenticity. 

And that's how At The Lane was born.

I would LOVE to see you at one of our events! I would equally love to sit with you and get to know you and your passion! Either way I hope to see you soon :)

-Katie Brown

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To hear the story behind the name,
you'll have to come to one of our events
and hear me ramble on about Lois Lane ;)