Have an idea for an event, party, get-together, or shindig? Want a partner to help make your dream a reality? 

One of the main reasons this company was created was to encourage people in their ideas and dreams. Whether it's an event that helps you reach your goals or just a fun party idea you've always wanted to try, At The Lane is here for it! Together we can come up with the perfect gathering for your needs and/or wildest dreams. We will be your boots on the ground teammate, with you every step of the way to help you reach your vision. Drop us a line on the contact page, tell us what you want to collaborate on and let's work together!


got a special OCCASION coming up but don't know where to start? Want to get the girls together but are intimidated by a blank venue?

Don't fret a moment longer! At The Lane has got you covered. We TOTALLY get how overwhelming planning an event can be. We also know that sometimes you don't have a clue what you want to do, all you know is a holiday is coming up and you want to get your friends together! We will help you brainstorm ideas, create a mood-board, give some vendor recs and more, all to put your party planning mind at ease!

For a free 30-minute consultation, resource list(s), in-person chat, questions and more, click the button below to fill out our (super quick) form!


Have a creative skill you'd like to put to good use? Got a product, company or brand that's right in line with at the lane?

In case it hasn't been clear enough already, here at At The Lane we are all about supporting people. But that extends far beyond specific events. We are always looking for graphic designers, cooks, florists, crafters, etc. to partner with! Even if you don't consider yourself a professional or are just starting out, don't be intimidated - Reach out! We want to encourage you in your passion! We are also always on the lookout for companies and products that align with our mission here at At The Lane. Please reach out to us via our contact page with any inquiries!