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3 things gathering

It's time for another 3 Things Gathering friends!
This one is all about FALL, and we are really leaning into it!
Here's what you need to know :)



Sunday, November 4, 2018 from 3pm to 6pm


Valley Village CA
( address will be emailed to attendees only )


One of our most popular event series here at At The Lane! Like the name suggests, there are just 3 things you need to know! The goal of these parties are to...
(1) form community,
(2) fill your stomach with some happiness
and (3) leave with something that'll keep ya smiling long after the party is over!
Sounds simple enough right? See below for the 3 things you need to bring to this event!


(1) Bring a friend

It can be someone you know, a total stranger, that one girl you see at work all the time and would like to get to know better, or your best friend! As long as they bring (2) and (3) they are welcome!

(2) Bring a pumpkin flavored (or shaped) dish

This can mean anything like pumpkin ale, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin spiced waffles, pumpkin soup, pumpkin shaped cookies, pumpkin shaped cheese slices, pumpkin flavored chili, pumpkin crumble bars, pumpkin pie, etc!
The possibilities are endless! We are leaning into this season so get creative or get whatever they are selling at the grocery store!!

(3) Bring a coffee mug to exchange

Bring an extra mug you have lying around or one you’ve had your eye on at Anthropologie! Maybe visit your local thrift store and find a unique mug or stop by Target and get one of their insanely cute and classic mugs :)

Doesn’t matter where it comes from, just bring it with you to exchange with the other fall-obsessed attendees! In addition to all the pumpkin things, we will have hot apple cider for you to sip on in your new mug! DOES IT FEEL LIKE FALL YET?!

When you RSVP please include the name of your friend + their dish, if you can. If you do not know who you are bringing just yet, leave it blank and let us know when you can! And if you are still deciding what dish to bring just write TBD!  

This event will fall on Daylight Savings (hence why we are starting at 3pm ha!) and will hopefully serve as a fun snack/pre-dinner meal.

Looking forward to an afternoon cozied up to new friends with good fall food and warm mugs :)



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