Dinner Party on the Beach


To be honest, I could relive this entire night over and over again. It was just pure magic.

The ladies were so fun, the food was delicious, the weather was perfect and the conversation was genuinely refreshing. I mean typically you can’t go wrong with twinkle lights, but put them on a beach?! SO MAGICAL.

This dinner was relaxed in attitude and decor, so naturally it felt so incredibly cozy and chill. Which really is the definition of the Cali beach vibe. Each lady brought something to add to the menu and we all ooh’d and ahh’d over the magical sunset. But really the best part of this night was the intentional conversations had by the entire table.

All the ladies had conversation starters on their place cards that lead to thoughtful words and insightful stories. We laughed a whole lot and all learned something about each of the ladies around the table as well as ourselves. And is there really any other better way to spend an evening?

This event was also particularly special because it was the first one my mom got to attend! She was visiting all the way from Texas with 2 of her great gal pals on their annual girls trip! These 3 ladies have been friends for 35+ years and really became each others family when they were all about my age! So seeing them together and sharing a meal with other ladies my age was a real special treat. And having my mom, the most creative lady I know (and honestly where all my hosting skills have come from) at this dinner was something I will never forget :)

Gathering around the table with a small group of people can offer a sense of peace and community that can oftentimes be hard to find! And here at At The Lane we really believe in setting aside intentional time for joy and that small gatherings, like this dinner, means everyone gets to feel known.

Can’t wait for more!

Katie Brown