Beach Wellness Dinner + I Am Well Community


Dinner on the beach, calming meditation, conversations centered around wellness, dolphins swimming in the distance, women gathered together in community, and a potluck meal full of healthy and nourishing dishes. Sounds magical right? Well it was.

In full transparency, it was not perfect. We had light rain sprinkling throughout the evening, chilly winds that kept us both shivering under layers of blankets and popping up to catch the various decor flying through the air, entire dishes falling to the sand before anyone got a taste, multiple face plants in the sand that resulted in torn clothes and broken shoes, and who could forget The Great Seagull Crisis of 2019.

But what could have turned into an awful night was actually a truly wonderful gathering, that also just so happened to have some hilarious happenings. And that’s entirely due to the women that were at the table. When things go wrong it’s so easy to call it quits, shut down conversation, and really just not engage in your surroundings. What instead happened was everyone became more present.

Through guided meditation and intentional conversation from Safiya Bouhouch of I Am Well Community we discussed ways we ground ourselves, get back in touch with nature, handle daily stresses and more. We laughed at the never ending seagull stand-offs and watched nearby hikers free solo a seaside cliff. We got to know the ladies around the table and leaned into the stories they each shared. And when it was time to wrap up, this newly formed community all pitched in to pack up the entire event.

When I look back on this event, that is what I remember. People who came to the table as strangers and left as a community. It’s proof that time together does not have to be picture perfect (or Pinterest perfect) for people to enjoy and learn from each other. Your outlook is more important than the details and failure is entirely dependant on how you define it. And if this is what our future failures look like, I hope we fail every time :)

Katie Brown