Lemonade Party


Nothing says summer like a refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot day! Right? So that’s exactly how we decided to officially kick off summer this year, with a lemonade party :)

Luckily, we have a lemon tree that provided the perfect backdrop, so we didn’t need much else. And good thing too, because it was almost 90 degrees the day of this party which meant we couldn’t bring anything outside until about an hour before the guests arrived! Talk about sweating!

Despite the insane heat (insane for June in LA) each attendee came with a wonderful attitude and were so excited to start the summer off together. Most of the group didn’t know each other but instantly bonded over their love for lemons and all things summer. Each gal also brought a lemony dish to share or something to add into the lemonade we made!

What was most surprising was that everyone created a different lemonade concoction! We had some blueberry pomegranate lemonade, lavender rosemary lemonade, vodka blueberry lemonade, ginger lavender sparkling lemonade, pomegranate basil lemonade, and so much more. As we started the dinner, we went around saying our names and shared what lemonade mix we created and each sounded more delicious than the last!

We continued the dinner with summer themed conversation starters that kept us talking well into the evening. We enjoyed lemon veggie pasta, lemony dip and fig + lemon crackers, lemon and ricotta ravioli, caprese salad kabobs with lemon + herb seasoning and a cold lemony quinoa salad. Then for dessert we switched up the seats and chatted some more while snacking on lemon and blueberry parfaits, eureka lemon and marionberry ice cream, lemon popsicles and lemon cake squares.

All in all it was a refreshing night centered around refreshing conversation, refreshing company, a refreshing meal and even more refreshing lemonade :)

Katie Brown