3 Things Gathering // Books


With At The Lane I have had visions of many MANY different events, but one thing has remained a running theme through all of them: community. 

Fostering community is not just providing the space, but providing consistency. Throwing a "series" of events that happen monthly, quarterly, etc. like a book club or dinner group is a great way to do this (and has been a personal dream of mine since middle school!) And while I am ALWAYS down for a book and/or dinner club, I wanted to put a twist on the tradition.

I dreamed of a situation where people felt comfortable, both introverts and extroverts alike (no small task). But I also wanted the group to grow. In order to build community you must do more than just hang out with the usual suspects. Bringing others in and investing in new relationships is so key, but can also be so so intimidating. 

Food has to be involved. If I've learned one thing from throwing parties over the years, it's people will show up if food (in any form) is guaranteed. 

And who doesn't love a good party favor?! Though some may call me a hoarder... the things I treasure most are items from a certain event, that take me to a memory I love or a feeling I cherish. I can look at it and instantly teleport back in time. And I loved the idea of people leaving a gathering, getting on with their busy day to day lives, and one day looking down to see the physical thing they left my event with, and begin to smile. 

And thus the "3 Things Gathering" was born. A simple series of events that fills you up, in more ways than one. The goal is to leave the party with new friends, full stomachs and something to hold onto from the night.

So here's how they work:

Thing 1: Invite a friend (or stranger)

Thing 2: Bring something edible (or drinkable)

Thing 3: Bring something to exchange

Simple enough right? And each party is themed so you're not just eating the same old food and exchanging the same old thing every time ;)

For our first ever 3 Things Gathering we kept things as simple as possible. I provided the main dish, and everyone brought appetizers, sides, desserts and drinks to fill out the menu! And thing #3?! A BOOK EXCHANGE!! Remember when I said I love a good book and/or dinner club?? This was my way of doing both in one night ;)

All in all it was a great night, one I won't soon forget. The weather was perfect, conversations were flowing, new friendships were being formed, food was being swallowed whole, and community was happening. 

Katie Brown