3 Things Gathering // Ice Cream


So remember how good a bowl of ice cream tasted in the summer?! Well here in LA it's summer all year round, which means we can have ice cream all year round (yeah, I know, LA is pretty great).

For this 3 Things Gathering I decided to beat the heat and go back to our childhood (and adulthood) love of ice cream sundaes! Here were our "3 things":

Thing 1: Bring a friend

Thing 2: Bring your favorite pint of ice cream
or one you've always wanted to try

Thing 3: Bring a bowl to exchange

Let's just say my doctor was not pleased I threw an ice cream party the day after he told me to cut out sugar and dairy.... But it was 100% worth it. We got to try so many yummy flavors of ice cream and gelato! It was fun seeing the flavors people gravitated towards and the toppings people craved. And I accidentally forgot to tell people to grab their leftovers on the way out so I may or may not have had ice cream every night for weeks after the party... 

And the bowls the gals brought?! SO FUN! It was like going to a thrift store and/or Target right in my own backyard. We had vintage bowls, coffee mugs, trendy patterned bowls and even an adorable tea pot! Randomly there was a big blue theme with the bowls, I'd say at least 60% fell somewhere on the blue spectrum. Funny how that happens sometimes!

It was such a fun afternoon filled with good friends, some new some old, all enjoying ice cream and reminiscing on the good ole days when doctors encouraged ice cream (lol). And I'm still dreaming about that lavender ice cream someone brought!

Katie Brown