Snobby Potluck


Y'all! This is SPECIAL.

At The Lane's first ever collaboration!!

Ahhh! I can't even begin to describe how wonderful this night was. A dear and talented friend had a BRILLIANT idea for a dinner party she had wanted throw for quite some time. She has always been so supportive of this space and has killed it as the photographer for most all of our events. So of course when she asked to collaborate I jumped at the chance. Honestly, one of the main reasons At The Lane even exists is to join forces with good people and champion their ideas. And her idea was a good one. 

The snobby potluck: A 5-course meal inspired by dishes from our favorite (over-priced) restaurants and/or foodie Instagram accounts we not so secretly stalk.

Like I said, BRILLIANT right?!

And I gotta say, everyone knocked. it. out. of. the. park. I'm still having dreams about this potluck. The presentation?! Better than any snobby restaurant I've been to recently. And the food?! Even yummier than it looks. Just take a looksie below and see for yourself! 

Katie Brown