3 Things Gathering // Christmas Cookies


It's officially holiday (party) season and At The Lane is here. for. it. We decided to kick off December with a festive 3 Things Gathering and for being 75 degrees with no snow, I think we did a fairly good job!

Here were our "3 things" for this Christmas themed party:

Thing 1: Bring a friend

Thing 2: Bring Christmas cookies

Thing 3: Bring an ornament to exchange AND an ornament to donate

Normally these events only involve bringing 3 things (like the name obviously suggests), but there's something magical about this time of year that always makes me want to give back. It doesn't seem right that some people don't get to feel the same Christmas cheer so many of us know and love so well. So when blogger/designer Emily Henderson announced that she would be decorating the SFV Rescue Mission Shelter for the holidays and all people/decor was welcome, I knew this would be a good fit. 

While we ate our body weight in Christmas cookies we decorated mini Christmas trees to donate to the shelter! It really is amazing how much cuter everything is in miniature form. It was such a JOY getting to take the mini trees and our fun ornaments to the shelter the next day. Seeing them on display and knowing they would make children (and adults) smile was more than a gift. A big thank you to Emily for posting about it on Instagram and inviting anyone in the area to join!

Nothing like donating some holiday cheer, gabbing about our favorite holiday traditions, and eating ALL the Christmas cookies in sight with some great gals to make it truly begin to look a lot like Christmas :)

Katie Brown