Galentine's Day in the Park


Is there anything more special than celebrating the gals you love?!

Didn't think so. 

That's why here at At The Lane we are all about Galentine's Day! A day for ladies to celebrate ladies, in flowers and donuts and pink things. 

If that wasn't enough to be excited about, we decided to do this event in a park!! Ah! Our first out in public event! Thanks to many of the ladies who helped load and unload the car (it was FULL of pillows and plywood and flowers and cake stands). Couldn't have pulled it off without y'all :) We had people coming up to us all day long saying how fun it all looked, and we couldn't have agreed more!

We nibbled on all the sweets (plus some fruit, because health) and ate way too many donuts, gabbed about our favorite celebrity crushes, and made so many Valentine's Day cards for the kiddos at Children's Hospital Los Angeles! It was SO FUN!! There's something about cutting up magazines and talking about boys that just never gets old. 

Spending time around the table, no matter where the table is or how low to the ground it sits, with people you love, is just SO good for the soul. The conversations and community that forms between old friends and strangers is simply heartwarming to witness. See below for some more of that heart-warming goodness!

We can't wait to bring more community and warmth to the table, no matter where that table might be :)

Some photos by: Lara Sumera Photography

Katie Brown