Galentine's Day + 1 Year Anniversary Celebration


Here at At The Lane we love celebrating, but we especially love ladies celebrating ladies.

Which is why Galentine’s Day is always one of our favorite (unofficial-but-totally-should-be-official) holidays to celebrate! We are so here for the girl time, pink everything, and all the flowers galore. But this year we really wanted to focus on the “celebrating” part.

We’ve noticed the act of celebrating has become a lost art over the years. With busy schedules, insecurities, and negativity around every corner, it can be hard to take the time to celebrate, especially when it comes to celebrating yourself. Sometimes the day-to-day struggles make it feel like you have nothing to celebrate, much less any time to celebrate. But that’s just not true. And At The Lane was created for people to be able to set aside time to be intentional. So we thought why not take that intentional time and turn it into intentional celebrating??

So that’s what we did. We had gals gather around the table and share how they celebrate others (did you know Trader Joe’s has a killer card section??) and also how they celebrate themselves. The group was a good mix of new faces and old friends, and it was SO COOL to see everyone connect over this. Not surprisingly, most people had an immediate answer for how they celebrate others, but had a pretty hard time thinking of the ways they celebrate themselves.

So we made everyone write down something they were celebrating, nothing was too big or too small. Then one by one we shared them with the group and everyone threw HANDFULS OF CONFETTI all over each person. I can’t even begin to tell you how joyful it was. Let’s just say, being doused in confetti while having a group of amazing ladies cheer for you and celebrate with you is one the best feelings in the entire world. Everyone should do it at least once a week.

It was so encouraging to see all the gals lean into this and really celebrate each other. The amount of smiles we saw from not just the gal covered in confetti but from the faces of everyone else as they threw their confetti was genuinely so heartwarming!

Y’all there is so much to celebrate about yourself, big and small. From starting a new job or following a passion (Happy 1st Birthday At The Lane!!) to learning a new recipe or finally finding a dentist, you can always find something to celebrate :)

Katie Brown