Match a Color Dinner Party


Dinner parties are at the heart of At The Lane. We stay up way too late dreaming about menus, place cards, flower arrangements, and all the conversation magic that happens when people gather around the table!

For this dinner party we decided to have a fun little twist. Everyone chose a color for the evening and brought a dish/drink to share in that color AND wore an outfit matching that same color! And y’all, the outcome was even better than the one we stayed up late dreaming about.

We had a gal come in every color; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and even 2 pinks and a black! Each chair and place setting was color coordinated with a menu, place card and color themed conversation starter. We even had a color themed playlist (which you can find HERE on our brand new At The Lane Spotify account) playing throughout the evening. And while we knew the accompanying food would be colorful we did not know just how DELICIOUS it would all be when it came together.

Our meal consisted of caprese salad, butternut squash + dried apricot salad, roasted carrots, green bean almondine, green pear salad, pink mashed potatoes, a pink Middle Eastern yogurt spread on sliced baguette and black squid ink pasta. We had delicious lavender lemonade, vegan mango lassi and various shades of wine to drink and a yummy blueberry tart for dessert! Yeah it was all just as PHENOMENAL as it sounds.

It’s always so wonderful gathering around the table with people who value intentional time and intentional fun and this night was no different. Except it was definitely more colorful ;)

Katie Brown